- Eleius, Marketing Acceleration for Tech Companies

“Eleius seamlessly integrated into our company — they understood our DNA. Their unique methodology enabled us to clarify our position in our market and rapidly deploy a targeted marketing strategy.”
Romain Lamaison, Co-founder and CEO at Quanta

Quanta and Eleius Pave the Way
for Marketing Success

The web performance expert reached out to us to strengthen its market position, overhaul its website and create new communication assets.


  • Identify market position
  • Identify target personas
  • Define unique value proposition
  • Define long-term vision, mission and ambition


  • Eleius positioning document
  • Website
  • Campaigns on demand: Video and text format case studies


  • Clear market positioning
  • Crisp on-target marketing messaging

Quanta enables e-commerce and digital teams to effectively collaborate to optimize web performance.

To continue their growth, Quanta recognized the need to focus on marketing. In order to lay the foundations for a successful marketing strategy, the company needed to ensure that its product was positioned correctly and to challenge its value proposition.

Articulating the Company’s DNA

The first job was to ensure that the company was positioned correctly. Through workshops and one-on-one interviews, Eleius and Quanta were able to truly define Quanta’s DNA: why it exists, what value it brings and for whom. This, in addition to industry research, enabled Eleius and Quanta to position the company within its competitive environment. The teams were able to crisply express Quanta’s unique value proposition in a language that resonates with its target buyer personas.

Ensuring On-Target Messaging on Every Communication Channel

Eleius detailed an official positioning document based on the outcomes of the different workshops, interviews and research. The document outlines the company’s market position, identity and unique value, in addition to clearly defining the company’s mission, vision and ambition. The positioning document now serves as a central messaging pivot for all of the company’s communications, ensuring messaging consistency on every channel.

Creating a Marketing Tool Box for Effective Lead Generation and Brand Awareness

The second stage of the mission was to completely redesign Quanta’s website. The website needed a fresh look and a more strategic approach, reflecting their new positioning and employing on target messaging. Eleius constructed a new sitemap, web branding guidelines and new copy. The final product was an engaging and visually appealing website with a clear value proposition. Eleius also produced several client case studies, in both video and text format. The case studies, in both formats, were designed to be impactful in few words, echoing Quanta’s value.

The company now has all the tools they need to craft targeted marketing campaigns, which clearly articulate their unique added value for effective lead generation and improved brand awareness.