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Accelerated Global Marketing: How We Work

Eleius provides 360° B2B marketing services to make your company a global success.

A Tried-and-True Methodology

With the Eleius Marketing Framework, determine your strategic positioning, build your marketing platform and launch content with smart storytelling to take your company global.


Achieve global marketing excellence faster

Eleius - Acceleration-marketing-excellence


Quickly lay the foundation for global marketing acceleration

Eleius - Foundation marketing acceleration


Eleius - 10-step-marketing-readiness-audit

Our audit identifies your strengths that can be immediately leveraged and areas for improvement that can be addressed in the following eighteen months. Using unique and proven methodology, Eleius will audit the following aspects of your company.

  1. Market Positioning, Value Proposition, and Messaging
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Public Relations and Analyst Relations strategy
  4. Sales Tools
  5. Website and CRM
  6. Inbound and Outbound lead generation tactics
  7. End-to-end Customer Engagement Cycle
  8. The marketing team
  9. The international marketing team
  10.  Competitive benchmark
Eleius - positonning-content

Eleius positioning documents accelerate your company’s global marketing rollout.

Through industry research, workshops and interviews we identify your:

  • Target personas
  • Market positioning statement
  • Value proposition
  • Elevator pitch
  • Mission, vision and ambition statements
  • Boilerplate and tagline

The mission deliverable is a formal written document that serves as a central messaging pivot for all of your company’s sales, marketing and corporate communications.

Eleius - brand-indentity

Determine your company’s unique identity and communicate your product or service with impactful visuals and consistent tone of voice.

Through dynamic workshops, Eleius will help you re-discover your brand and provide you with visual and written guidelines for an identity that differentiates you from the rest of the market.

Eleius - Tageos

“With Eleius we overhauled our brand and successfully launched our company at the #1 global event in our industry in four months!”
— Nicolas Jacquemin, Co-founder and VP Sales at Tageos.


Eleius - Website

Your website is your window to the world.

We create websites to be strategic and engaging lead conversion vehicles. From world-class design to meticulous wordsmithing, we overhaul your website to make sure it is telling the right stories, in the right way.

We link your website to the marketing automation platform of your choice, and pre-populate it with marketing assets, to get you up and running in the right direction.

Eleius - staffing

If you need help recruiting someone to carry on our good work, we can also help with staffing.

We have acquired years of management experience at top technology vendors, tap into this and let us help you progressively staff your marketing team!

Eleius - marketing-automation

Eleius sets up the platforms and technologies, such as Hubspot and Pardot, so you can market across multiple online and offline channels.

We help you create strategic marketing workflows, such as nurturing email campaigns or effective event demand generation.

Eleius - database-crm

We can audit your database and provide you turnkey services for cleaning and enriching it with the right prospect accounts and addressable individuals around the world.

We are experts in both traditional B2B database marketing best practices, as well as innovative automated growth hacking techniques.

Eleius -

“Our collaboration with Eleius enabled us to rapidly articulate our company’s unique value proposition. We are now able to win prospects over in a matter of days.”
— Bertrand Fredenucci, CEO at Alphalyr.

On Demand  

Eleius - cmo

Our consultants can join your team for several hours per week as you interim CMO, and coach your growing marketing team so they rapidly grow their ability to execute world class marketing tactics on their own.

Eleius - product-marketing

Knowing exactly who you are, why you are special and why others should trust you is essential.

Our product marketers will help you answer these questions, including authoring your product’s positioning and messaging.

Eleius - content-marketing

Our team will help you build and implement your content marketing strategy to ensure the largest ROI for your business.

We assist you in strategically choosing the right channels and type of content for your target audience.

Eleius - growth-marketing

Our growth hacking techniques and tactics are designed to grow your business quickly and efficiently.

Eleius places a heavy emphasis on rapid experimentation and optimization to improve performance, helping companies become less reliant on costly direct response and advertising budgets to grow their customer acquisition.

Eleius - splio

“Eleius’ structured approach meant that we quickly saw positioning deliverables and were able to stick to our tight global launch deadline.”
— Mireille Messine, CEO at Splio.

On Demand  

Eleius - content

Achieve your marketing goals through engaging and focused content that speaks to your target market’s needs.

Our team produces content in a range of formats, including blog articles, case studies and e-books, that is written to achieve maximum reach and impact.

  • Print
  • Brochures
  • Booths
  • Kakemonos
  • Advertisements
  • Photography
  • Digital
  • Case studies
  • Sales kits
  • Datasheets
  • Infographics
  • Blog articles
  • eBooks
  • Customer videos
  • Motion design
Eleius -

Events set the stage for your brand to do many things: launch a product, engage prospects, raise awareness and more.

From writing killer keynotes and creating your event communication plan to coaching speakers and creating eye-catching visuals, Eleius can guide your event organization from A to Z.

Eleius - digital-marketing

We can set up and run digital marketing campaigns for you such as Account Based Marketing, search engine optimization and paid advertising, social media, email, retargeting of qualified website visitors, and more to acquire qualified prospects.

Eleius -

Our creative print direct response campaigns enable you to contact the prospects you previously thought were unreachable.

“Eleius’ rigorous marketing methodology enabled us to put into place a winning marketing strategy with fresh and powerful messaging.”
— Frédéric Doezy, Co-founder and CEO at WeMaik.

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Eleius - Get Your Marketing Audit

Get Your Marketing Audit

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Our audit identifies your strengths that can be immediately leveraged and areas for improvement that can be addressed in the following eighteen months.