Eleius - Marketing The Weak Link in French Tech

Marketing: The Weak Link in French Tech

France’s vibrant tech scene is world class. However, in order to launch and compete on a global level, French Tech needs marketing excellence.

Companies need to:

Eleius - Define value proposition

Clearly define their marketing position and value proposition.

Eleius - Target and communicate

Effectively target and engage the right audience.

The Need to Go Global from Day 1

From the beginning, B2B tech companies need to communicate to global buyers, investors and influencers with a strong focus on English-speaking audiences for an efficient, quick launch. Yet Founders and CEOs:

  • Don’t automatically have the experience to draw a global marketing roadmap.
  • Are often too close to their business and get stuck repeating ineffective marketing tactics.

Accelerated Global Marketing with Distinction

Marketing excellence comes from brands who know exactly who they are and to whom they are selling to. This requires:

Eleius - Product marketer

An experienced, international product marketer to articulate your value prop with concise messaging that resonates with your target audience.

Eleius - proven-methodology

A proven methodology to deep dive into your company, analyze your competitive environment, and deliver strategic recommendations to find and win more customers.

Eleius - platform-marketing

A platform to deliver clear and consistent communications across select channels to your target audiences.

Eleius - Go global from Paris

Go Global From Paris

Within an increasingly favorable setting and infrastructure for startups and VC-funded companies, French Tech companies now have new opportunities.

We help companies launch globally and penetrate new markets from right here in France.

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