- Eleius, Marketing Acceleration for Tech Companies

“Our collaboration with Eleius enabled us to rapidly articulate our company’s unique value proposition. We are now able to win prospects over to our cloud-based business intelligence reporting solution in a matter of days.”
Bertrand Fredenucci, CEO at Alphalyr.

Alphalyr Redefines Market Positioning
to Boost International Growth

We helped the BI specialist clarify their unique value proposition and boost their international growth.


  • Identify market position
  • Define target personas
  • Clearly define unique value proposition
  • Generate qualified leads


  • 10-step marketing audit
  • Eleius positioning document
  • Website in English and French
  • 3 customer case studies and 2 testimonial videos
  • Event production – booth design
  • Campaigns on demand – case studies, eBook


  • Clear market positioning
  • Crisp on target marketing messaging
  • Increase in qualified leads

Alphalyr is revolutionizing business intelligence reporting thanks to its personalized email that provides users with just the right information to make fast enlightened decisions, every day. Each recipient’s email details only the actionable KPIs that are relevant to their business function.

Auditing the Company’s Marketing and Providing Actionable Recommendations for Fast Improvement

The company was experiencing international growth, particularly in the UK and Germany. However, it realized that in order to sustain and enhance this growth, it needed to have clearer market positioning and more impactful messaging for the many buyer personas it talks to during its sales cycles.

The first phase of Eleius’ mission was to audit the company’s marketing to identify strengths that could be immediately leveraged and areas for improvement that could be addressed in the next 18 months. Following this, Eleius and Alphalyr moved on to the positioning phase of the mission.

Authoring Crisp Positioning and Messaging — The Foundation for Accelerated Growth

Eleius conducted detailed workshops and one-on-one interviews with Alphalyr employees across all departments. This information was coupled with Alphalyr customer interviews and extensive industry and competitor research to give Eleius a 360-degree view of the company. Based on this, Eleius positioned Alphalyr within its competitive landscape, identified the key personas that the company needed to target and  authored its value proposition in a language that resonates with this target. Eleius delivered a comprehensive positioning document, which Alphalyr was able to use to accelerate its marketing by serving as a central pivot for all marketing activity.

Revamping the BI Leader’s Website to Form the Platform for Future Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation

To enable Alphalyr to efficiently and consistently communicate their new positioning and target messaging to their market, Eleius redesigned their website, including creating a new graphic charter. Eleius produced three compelling case studies about Alphalyr customers along with two customer video testimonials. The website is both strategic and engaging and is designed to acquire leads.

Campaigns On Demand To Further Accelerate Sales Growth

The entire sales team was trained on the new pitch, which completely transformed how the software was sold. Following Eleius’ recommendation, the company participated in the Monaco One to One event. Eleius designed Alphalyr’s entire booth and communications assets for the event.

Alphalyr is now able to craft marketing campaigns that clearly express its unique added value and target the right persona, boosting lead generation and enhancing brand awareness. The company continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Alphalyr keeps on trusting Eleius with the production of ongoing campaigns, including banner ads, case studies and an ebook.