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“Thanks to Eleius we were able to better articulate our value proposition and better understand our market in order to launch effective marketing campaigns.”
Alexandre Bellity, Cleany’s CEO.

Cleany Calls on Eleius to Help Lay the Foundations for Marketing Acceleration

Cleany is injecting digital innovation into an industry that has remained largely unchanged for over half a century, so we were more than excited to help them better understand their market and unique value.

Key Facts

  • More than 400 clients
  • Over 180 employees
  • Created in 2012


  • Identify target personas
  • Define unique value proposition
  • Identify market position
  • Define long-term vision, mission and ambition


  • Eleius positioning document


  • Accelerated lead generation and team growth
  • Clear market positioning
  • Crisp on-target marketing messaging

Cleany is giving the office cleaning sector a much needed digital overhaul to bring it into the 21st century. Its online platform allows companies to manage office cleaning and office management services in a couple of clicks.

Targeted Marketing – The Key to Growth

After experiencing initial sales success, Cleany realized that the only way to sustain and accelerate its growth was to increase its investment in marketing. The company not only needed to sell its service platform to businesses, but also to recruit employees, particularly on an operational level for cleaning tasks. At the time, Cleany’s marketing efforts stretched only to some digital campaigns, such as Google AdWords, which were based on guesswork with regards to their target personna and did not articulate the company’s unique value proposition. Answering these key questions was not straightforward given Cleany’s digital twist on a traditional industry.

The company called on Eleius to help them develop a more structured marketing approach. Through industry research, as well as a series of workshops, Cleany and Eleius were able to position the company within its competitive environment. The teams were able to define Cleany’s target buyer personas and crisply express its unique value proposition in a language that resonates with this target audience.

Laying the Foundations for Marketing Acceleration and Sales Success

Eleius authored a positioning document based on the outcomes of the different workshops and research. The document outlines Cleany’s market position, identity and unique value proposition, in addition to clearly defining the company’s mission, vision and ambition. The document lays the foundations for Cleany’s marketing acceleration and serves as a central messaging pivot for all of the company’s communications, ensuring messaging consistency on every channel. The company is now able to craft targeted marketing campaigns, which clearly articulate their unique value proposition for effective lead generation and growth in brand awareness.

Defining and Effectively Communicating the Company’s Vision

Empowering employees and creating a company culture that fosters career development and professional value throughout the organization is very important to Cleany. Thanks to the Eleius positioning document, employees are now empowered to echo the brand’s unique value proposition and contribute to the company’s growth.