- Eleius, Marketing Acceleration for Tech Companies

“Eleius’ structured approach meant that we quickly saw positioning deliverables and were able to stick to our tight global launch deadline.”
Mireille Messine, CEO at Splio.

Eleius Repositions Splio
for Global Launch

After it significantly enhanced its software platform’s capabilities and redefined its target market, loyalty marketing software leader Splio called on Eleius to author its new positioning in time for its global launch.

Key Facts

  • 3-month mission to position Splio and its software platform
  • 1 corporate umbrella message and 7 product modules positioned
  • 3 months for CMO to deploy new positioning across France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, China and Poland


  • Reposition company for global relaunch
  • Train international sales team on new positioning


  • Eleius positioning document
  • 7 Eleius product datasheets


  • Company successfully relaunched on a global level
  • Increase in qualified lead generation
  • Clear global market positioning
  • Crisp on-target messaging

Splio offers a cloud-based marketing platform that enables businesses to increase revenues on and offline through targeted loyalty marketing campaigns.

Repositioning the Company in Time for a Global Launch

The company’s product has evolved from an email management service to a comprehensive SaaS loyalty marketing platform designed to seamlessly connect on and offline customer experiences. After raising significant funding, the company identified marketing as one of the areas that needed attention. Given that the company was planning to expand on a global level, its software platform’s new capabilities required clear global positioning and messaging that would resonate with the needs of global marketers, highlighting the software’s unique selling points.

A Trusted Partner to Author the Company’s New Messaging

Wanting to augment its marketing investments as soon as possible in the countries it operates in Asia, Europe and the Americas, the company decided to outsource authoring its new positioning and messaging to a trusted and experienced partner. Reassured after hearing about Eleius’ previous work, Splio asked Eleius to author a positioning document using its proven methodology.

Through detailed industry research, as well as a series of workshops, Splio and Eleius were able to reposition the company within its new competitive environment. The teams were able to crisply articulate Splio’s mission, vision and ambition, in addition to defining the product’s target buyer committee and unique value proposition.

Eleius also conducted a two-day workshop for the company’s international sales leadership team to extensively brief them on Splio’s new corporate positioning and messaging. This ensured complete messaging consistency on all channels to strengthen the company’s position and boost sales.

A Central Pivot for All Marketing Activities

The positioning document laid the foundations for the company’s marketing strategy and enabled it to successfully rebrand and reposition itself. The precise positioning and messaging used in the document serves as a base for all of the company’s marketing assets, including the new website. Eleius also authored a datasheet for each of the Splio loyalty marketing platform’s seven core modules.

Following the rebranding and repositioning, Splio hired a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer based on Eleius’ recommendation to continue the work. The company successfully launched on a global level and rapidly rolled out its new messaging in its offices in China, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Poland.