- Eleius, Marketing Acceleration for Tech Companies

“Eleius’ rigorous marketing methodology enabled us to answer essential questions and put into place a winning marketing strategy with fresh and powerful messaging.”
Frédéric Doezy, Co-founder and CEO at WeMaik.

WeMaik Kick-Starts its Marketing With Eleius and Secures Major Fundraising

WeMaik’s product has the potential to change the world. We were thrilled to collaborate and answer essential questions to get their marketing off the ground.


  • Identify target personas
  • Define unique value proposition
  • Identify market position
  • Define long-term vision, mission and ambition


  • Eleius positioning document


  • 1.5 million fundraising
  • Clear market positioning
  • Crisp on-target marketing messaging

WeMaik’s industry-first AI software enables users to create enterprise applications without coding or technical skills! Ready to start their marketing, they turned to Eleius to help them get on the right track.

Tackling Essential Marketing Questions

Clear positioning and core messaging were vital to the company’s success. Through a rigorous process of research, engagement and workshopping, Eleius and WeMaik were able to enrich and reinforce the company’s vision. Together they were able to position the company in its competitive environment, decide its target persona and define its unique value proposition with clear and articulate messaging. Eleius detailed all of this information, in addition to WeMaik’s mission, vision and ambition, in the company’s official positioning document. This document serves as a central pivot for all of the company’s marketing activities ensuring consistency on every channel and reinforcing the messaging.  

Laying the Foundations for Marketing Success

The positioning document was used to shape the new website copy, ensuring that it was clearly detailing the company’s unique value and addressing the right persona. It enabled the company to create a winning marketing strategy and was used as base for all marketing assets — brochures, case studies, etc.

The company is now able to craft targeted marketing campaigns that clearly articulate their unique added value and promote their company values for effective lead generation and better brand awareness.

Strong Positioning Facilitates Fundraising

In March 2017, WeMaik secured 1.5 million euros in funding! The company partly attributes this to Eleius’ intervention, which enabled them to clearly and crisply communicate their vision and added value to investors.